Linked Data based platform for NLP

Use many NLP services from a single interface, whether that was a single service or multiple services in a pipeline.

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Containerization using Docker for fast implementation.

Easy Installation

Using modern technologies with Docker to make it easy to install by third-party.

Easy to use

Drag-and-drop workflow builder makes Teanga extremely easy to use.


Building services' pipelines in seconds to perform complex NLP tasks.

Simple way to add your service

You may add any NLP service to Teanga by writing a simple configuration file in JSON-LD format.

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JSON-LD Structured Output

Get JSON-LD output for the results of your pipeline and JSON-LD for each service.

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Docker Web Interface

Get full control of your containers, images, and services from a web interface, without the need to use your terminal.

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What domain experts are saying about Teanga

Mihael Arčan Research Fellow at DSI

Teanga helps solving the problems of disconnected services nowadays found on the web and as a NLP researcher, I find it helpful to combine these services together in a clear user friendly interface.

James O'Neil Researcher at Liverpool University

Teanga is an easy to use service that allows easy integration of various NLP modules in a modular way. As a data scientist, this tool would greatly help me in building and testing pipelines for specific tasks in the future.

Emir Muñoz AI & ML Senior Infrastructure Engineer

Teanga removes the cumbersome installations of task-specific, platform-dependent, and language-dependent tools. Where in some cases, it is even required to compile from source the tools before they can be ready to use. All that configuration part is abstracted by using Teanga, the reason for which I believe this is a project with a good future.

This resource has been funded by Science Foundation Ireland under Grant No. SFI/08/CE/I1380 (Lion-2) and by Grant No. SFI/12/RC/2289 (INSIGHT)
INSIGHT - National University of Ireland, Galway